Somatic Pantarei Bodywork

“Panta rhei, the river flows,

Ever-changing as it goes,

Winding through the land and time,

In a rhythm so sublime.”

The Pantarei Approach is a type of bodywork that uses verbal communication, empathic touch, and breathing techniques. It is based on the idea that we are always changing and can guide these changes in a positive way. The approach views the body, mind, and soul as interconnected, and aims to help people better understand their needs and desires while strengthening their inner resources to achieve harmony with themselves and their surroundings. The approach takes inspiration from the Greek phrase “panta rhei” which means “everything flows.”

It is not a solution based coaching, yet more embarking on a journey of self discovery with guidance.

The Pantarei Approach offers a range of benefits, including helping individuals gain clarity about their own goals, wishes, and needs, as well as strengthening their self-awareness and self-confidence. Through bodywork techniques, it can help individuals establish a better connection with their own bodies and cope with major life changes such as job changes, moving to a new city, or separations. Additionally, it can help individuals better manage stressful emotions, release mental and physical tensions, and develop a sense of self-acceptance. However, it should not be used as a substitute for professional treatment for severe mental illnesses and is intended to be used as a complementary therapy.

What does a session look like?

The session begins with a personal conversation to understand what is currently going on in your life and to give space to your feelings and desires. They help you take different perspectives on your situation and set a goal for the session. In the second part of the session, you will lie on a massage table and experience massage techniques, touch, and conscious breathing, which will be connected with your previous conversation.

The Pantarei Approach is a process-oriented therapy, which means that we work on one topic over several sessions. However, single sessions are also possible.

 The first session typically lasts for 90 minutes, and follow-up sessions last for 60 minutes.

 As I am still a student in my studies, and graduating by October 2023, all my sessions will be first session based till then. After prices will go as proceeded.


First session: 90 min : 50 

Follow up:

1 h Somatic Pantarei Bodywork

70 €


1 1/2 h Somatic Pantarei Bodywork

90 €

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