Dearmouring explained

Because of how we’re raised and the things we go through, we often end up hiding our emotions and blocking our natural energy. This affects how we see the world and how we act. Usually when we’re young, we’re taught to hold back feelings like anger or sadness, but we also end up stifling positive stuff like joy or just being our true selves.

This habit of holding back creates tension in our bodies, almost like an invisible shield we carry around. Even when we’re not kids anymore and don’t need that shield, we still act the same way. This can stop us from really living our lives to the fullest.

To let go of this shield, we  first got to realize it’s there. Sometimes our bodies ache, or we notice we’re acting in ways that don’t feel right. Often armour can be a blind spot and through personal relationships it is surfacing.

To get rid of that tension, we want to create space to allow ourselves to feel the things we’ve been avoiding. We want to befriend those feelings that got pushed down to protect ourselves.

Mixing pain and pleasure helps our nerves understand it’s okay to feel everything. The goal is to notice the tension already in the body, then let it out through sounds and movements, making space in our emotions, energy, and body. It’s like broadening our capacity to handle our own feelings and energy, so that Sekhem can freely flow again.

We firstly open the central energy channel ( Sushumna) and then work with trigger points ( which is not in this order):


Hips, Belly, Psoas , gluteal, sacrum, solar plexus, sternum (heart), jaw and more.

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