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Dear beings, I want to let you know that I am temporarily pausing my sessions. This isn't goodbye—it's an exciting pause as I brew something new and extraordinary just for you! Stay tuned and thank you for your continued support and understanding.
Love, Nadia Hyatt

Align your energy,

Awaken your body,

Experience Sekhem!

Somatic Bodywork

Somatic Bodywork

Somatic bodywork integrates empathic touch and verbal communication to provide a holistic approach that enable you to establish a deeper connection with yourself and discover your own distinct sense of empowerment and embodiment.


Sekhem is the ancient Egyptian word for power or energy, and the Sekhem energy is the driving life – force behind this body-mind modality.

My approach

Through gentle touch, light massage and various massage techniques such as shiatsu, Lomi Lomi, and de-armouring, the sekhem energy is directed to specific areas of the body where it is most needed, clearing energetic blockages and releasing emotional and physical tension.

"Out of mind, into body.
Out of doing, into being"

About the services and the offering

Holistic Massage

Somatic Bodywork

Kemetic Journey

Holistic Massage

“Take a break from the fast-paced routine and indulge in a rejuvenating timeout. If you crave relaxation and want to let go of unnecessary stress, a wellness massage is the perfect choice to replenish your energy and begin the day feeling revitalized.”

What is it?

Holistic Massage is a soothing wellness massage, adjusted to your preferred way of touch. The approach is to remain attentive to your body reaction through the entire massage, where tension and sensitive points are targeted gently and effectively. The techniques are from classical massage, trigger point, somatic bodywork and lomi lomi. This combination releases tightness, reduces stress and allows your needs to be met which promotes holistic relaxation. 

Prior to the massage, a brief discussion allows me to understand your unique needs and expectations.


Stress reduction

Emotional release 

Muscle relaxation

Mind-body connection

Energy balancing

Improved sleep

Increased self awareness

Holistic approach



 60 minutes = 70euro


90 minutes = 110euro


120 minutes = 140 euro

"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts."

Somatic Bodywork

“Are you interested in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and addressing challenges or aspirations in your life? Do you desire clarity and empowerment? Enhance the connection to your body, mind, and spirit through a session.”

What is it?

Sessions integrate mindful touch, verbal communication, and conscious breathing, inspired by the philosophy of Pantarei –  “everything flows.” We address your concerns through dialogue, exploring physical or mental challenges and life goals. The session seamlessly combines personalized touch with discussions, connecting your chosen theme with overall well-being. The goal is to provide a holistic understanding, releasing emotions and thoughts for a rejuvenated and harmonious self. Somatic bodywork empowers you to navigate life effortlessly, discovering your resources. Welcome to a realm of holistic well-being and self-discovery.


  • Gain clarity regarding your personal goals, desires, and needs.

  • Boost your self-awareness and self-assurance.

  • Cultivate a stronger connection with your body.

  • Navigate life transitions with more ease, such as separations, career shifts, or relocating to a new city or country.

  • Improve your ability to manage and cope with stress.

  • Foster a compassionate relationship with your authentic self.

  • Reduce both mental and physical tensions.


sliding scale

80 - 120 Euro


 The session begins with a personal dialogue, exploring your current life topics from various perspectives, inviting emotions and aspirations to surface. Together, we define a specific focus for the session.

Moving to a comfortable massage table in the second part, we smoothly integrate massage techniques, touch, and mindful breathing. This bridges our earlier discussion with your physical sensations and emotions. Collaboratively, we uncover the wisdom your body holds, fostering a deeper self-perception and a more loving relationship with yourself.

It’s important to note that while Pantarei Approach compliments wellness, it does not replace treatments for severe mental illnesses; rather, it serves as a support.

I offer 15 minute free consultation, if needed before booking a session. Please use my contact form or whatsapp messenger. 


To witness an impactful change, booking a package of several sessions is recommended: 

please contact me for more information and we will find out together how to support you best! 

If finances are a barrier to accessing this approach, please inform me, and we’ll explore potential solutions together.



"Don't rush the process.Good things take time."



“The dearmouring session I had with Nadya was incredibly powerful. As a person who often struggles to feel into the depths of my emotions, this session really helped me feel deep into myself and unlock a flow of stagnant energy. I felt very held – no judgement, no expectation, with caring guidance. After working through points in my upper thighs, hip flexors and abdomen, the flow of energy started to rise through my whole body and ended in me feeling and releasing a wide range of emotions, from grief to gratitude, and ultimately calm joy. As a bodyworker myself and someone who’s practice several times with Nadya, I can testify to her skill and integrity as a practitioner! Thank you Nadya for this experience.”

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Bodyworker, DE


“Each session with Nadya was a sublime and intense experience, for which I am deeply grateful. She has a rare talent of connecting, both physically and emotionally, and of creating a space of trust and awareness, where one can fully surrender oneself to the moment.” 



“From supporting me with deep rage and old grief – to connecting to my heart and passions, each session with Nadya has been completely transformative and restorative. I feel really safe, heard and cared for in each session and alongside the deep emotions and healing there is also joy and fun. My body feels like a much safer, more joyful place to be in long after I leave the sessions. Thank you so much for guiding and supporting my healing and transformative journey, Nadya”


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Data protection
Nadya Hya, Owner: Nadia Hyatt (Registered business address: Germany), would like to process personal data with external services. This is not necessary for using the website, but allows me to interact even more closely with them. If desired, please make a choice: