“Love  opens the gates ;

and this is  a journey of love.”

About me

I’m Nadia Hyatt, 32 years old – cancer sun / sag moon – somatic sensual bodyworker based in Berlin, with a diverse cultural background. I grew up in a conservative Islamic family to culturally different parents and faced hardships living in a suppressed society in Cairo, Egypt which led me to seek healing through sensuality and touch. I have been practicing tantra massage, bodywork and healing touch for over a decade, and have gained insights into the mind-body connection.

After enduring years of recurring depression and feeling trapped in an unfulfilling and bleak perspective on life, I reached a point where I realized that something needed to change. I understood that the responsibility to embark on a transformative path rested solely on me.
This realization ultimately led me to discover the profound benefits of 
somatic and dearmouring bodywork. 

Engaging in this practice provided me with a remarkable introduction to understanding how my physical body and emotional state are interconnected. It shed light on the ways in which I held myself and carried emotional burdens within me 


I dedicate more research to the emotional world and the Kemetic universal laws of nature, which guides my offering and practises. I am passionate about helping my clients connect with their inner selves and tap into their innate healing abilities. 

Through my bodywork sessions, I offer a safe and nurturing space for clients to release emotional blockages, have space to process and connect with their higher selves. 

My ultimate vision is for individuals to be in their full acceptance of themselves, releasing shame, conditioning and limiting beliefs, and entering a space of self-love, compassion, and healthy desires and needs. 

I believe in the potential of sensuality to transform pain into pleasure and awaken the senses to create a somatic essential experience in the body. 

I end with this…

Trauma is undoubtedly part of our lives, but it does not govern our entire existence. It is possible to embrace both pain and pleasure, allowing them to coexist. Each and every one of us possesses inherent gifts, preciousness, and value, and we have access to an abundance that awaits us if we can simply release ourselves from the grip of our stories. 

I look forward to meeting you…

"In the depth of a gaze, where eyes meet and souls intertwine, we discover a profound connection that transcends spoken words. It is in this silent dialogue that the essence of a person unfolds, and the beauty of their soul is laid bare for those who seek to truly understand."
- Nadya Hya


a brief overview 


Tantra training
Journey Within


Pantarei Approach training
Vered & Claudia


Shiatsu Basic training
Edith Storch


Lomi Lomi training (120h module)
Anja Friedel


Dearmouring Bodywork Training (220h module)
Sunny Ju


Tantra Massage training for women


Creative Consciousness Level 1
Marc Steinberg




Ista Level 1 & 2
Baba Dez & Bruce Lyon



Tantra Massage training
Urban Joy & Schossraumwelten



Bachelors of Masscommunication
University of Modern Science Arts in Cairo, Egypt

Throughout the years I also attended other courses such as IFS, NVC, Thai basic massage, conscious sensuality and Bliss school.

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