Sekhem Bodywork is a fusion of Dearmouring, Tantric Elements and the Pantarei Approah method. 

Sekhem is the ancient Egyptian word for Life Force & Power, which is the driving force of this modality.

What is
Sekhem Bodywork?


explore trapped emotions,  shedding tension, and detaching from past narratives to anchor yourself in the present moment within your body.


Awaken Sekhem, your life force energy, unlocking boundless potential while nurturing intimacy and pleasure, expanding your capacity for genuine connections and vibrancy.


Connect authentically, both within yourself and with others, embracing inspiration to articulate your unique path, express your authenticity, and invite holistic wellness into your life.

My sessions are combined with 3 different elements:




It is a powerful therapeutic modality that combines various approaches to promote healing and well-being by addressing the body-mind connection.


Pantarei Approach


The approach takes inspiration from the Greek Phase “Panta rhei ” which means everything flows.


Tantric Elements


A holistic approach to harmonize your mind, body and spirit. A sacred space where energy work, massage and breath unite.


De-armouring explained

Because of how we’re raised and the things we go through, we often end up hiding our emotions and blocking our natural energy. This affects how we see the world and how we act. Usually when we’re young, we’re taught to hold back feelings like anger or sadness, but we also end up stifling positive stuff like joy or just being our true selves.

This habit of holding back creates tension in our bodies, almost like an invisible shield we carry around. Even when we’re not kids anymore and don’t need that shield, we still act the same way. This can stop us from really living our lives to the fullest.

To let go of this shield, we  first got to realize it’s there. Sometimes our bodies ache, or we notice we’re acting in ways that don’t feel right. Often armour can be a blind spot and through personal relationships it is surfacing.

To get rid of that tension, we want to create space to allow ourselves to feel the things we’ve been avoiding. We want to befriend those feelings that got pushed down to protect ourselves.

Mixing pain and pleasure helps our nerves understand it’s okay to feel everything. The goal is to notice the tension already in the body, then let it out through sounds and movements, making space in our emotions, energy, and body. It’s like broadening our capacity to handle our own feelings and energy, so that Sekhem can freely flow again.

We firstly open the central energy channel ( Sushumna) and then work with trigger points ( which is not in this order):


Hips, Belly, Psoas , gluteal, sacrum, solar plexus, sternum (heart), jaw and more.


"It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly then to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection" - Gita

What is Tantra to me?

Perceive your thoughts, feelings and sensations. Create a space of presence and love. Be connected to your breath, voice and movement and dance through this state of perception and physical sensations. There is nothing to do but receive fully. When you feel how every breath flows through you with life, this inner yes arises. Yes in the body. Yes in the mind. Yes in you. Freedom, love of life & ease shake hands.

Tell me about the
Pantarei Approach method

Our body isn’t just about how we function; it influences how we feel in our hearts and minds. It’s the vessel for our energy and all the experiences we go through. We’re not just minds floating around; we’re the thoughts and emotions living in a physical body. When everything falls into place, life seems to make sense, and we feel confident about our path. It’s like dancing along with life, feeling complete, connected, and ready to handle whatever challenges come our way.

In these  sessions, it’s all about diving deep into ourselves, exploring new paths of understanding. The goal? To step out into the world feeling confident, real, and accomplishing what we set out to do.


The Pantarei Approach is all about blending communication, touch, and mindful breathing to create a holistic bodywork method. It’s rooted in the Greek idea of “everything flows” or “panta rhei.” This approach works on the belief that we’re constantly evolving, and we have the power to steer that evolution in a positive direction.

In this method, we see the body, emotions, and mind as a connected trio. They all impact each other. Through Pantarei, the goal is to tune into your own needs and wants better. At the same time, it’s about strengthening what you naturally have inside you, so you feel more in sync with yourself and the world around you.


For more information: click here

What are the benefits?

Physical and Emotional Healing

Relieve discomfort and restore balance in your body and emotions.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Experience deep relaxation and learn tools to manage stress.

Personal Growth and Transformation

Unlock your potential and foster positive change in your life.

Mindfulness and Presence

Develop mindfulness skills to enhance well-being and resilience.


Bring awareness to the subtilities around pleasure.

Body-Mind Connection

Deepen your awareness of how your body and mind are interconnected.

Self-Love and Empowerment

Cultivate self-acceptance, compassion, and embrace your uniqueness.

Increased Body Awareness

Discover your needs, desires, and boundaries with greater clarity.

Release of Old Patterns

Let go of the holding patterns that no longer serve you.

Restoration of Energetic Flow

Rejuvenate and harmonize your energy for a vibrant life.

What it is not :

No mutual touch 

No typical idea of pleasure

No shortcuts 

No intimate parts being touched 



All sessions are followed by the Sekhem bodywork modality:

2 hour

180 Euro 


2 ½ hour

 230 euro


How a session might look like:

we’ll start with an introductory discussion to understand your session objectives, establish a safe space, clarify boundaries, and align with your desires, preparing you for the session. This part of the session can include different practices on how to move energy and/or mindfulness to bring your presence to the here and now.

Following the introduction, we’ll transition into a sensual massage, enabling your body to settle, unwind, and create a synergy to my touch.

As you have relaxed and arrived, through sensuality, we approach tension in your body with care, using dearmouring techniques to support stagnancy to dissolve, allowing sekhem to move through you freely.

This is an active approach, meaning we conversate as we go along and you are able to choose how far you want to go.  


Sessions include shower prior before / after session. 


To witness an impactful change, booking a package of several sessions is recommended: 

please contact me for more information and we will find out together how to support you best! 

If finances are a barrier to accessing this approach, please inform me, and we’ll explore potential solutions together.





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