Sensuality for me

Once, a former love shared with me a question. Who would I be without my sensuality and s!xuality? He expressed a melancholy belief that this essence merely led to emptiness. In the wake of his words, I found myself immersed in contemplation— hurt & questioning. Who am I, stripped of sensuality and s!xuality? Was that […]

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Dearmouring explained

Because of how we’re raised and the things we go through, we often end up hiding our emotions and blocking our natural energy. This affects how we see the world and how we act. Usually when we’re young, we’re taught to hold back feelings like anger or sadness, but we also end up stifling positive

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What is Pantarei Method?

Our body isn’t just about how we function; it influences how we feel in our hearts and minds. It’s the vessel for our energy and all the experiences we go through. We’re not just minds floating around; we’re the thoughts and emotions living in a physical body. When everything falls into place, life seems to

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