explore trapped emotions,  shedding tension, and detaching from past narratives to anchor yourself in the present moment within your body.


Awaken Sekhem, your life force energy, unlocking boundless potential while nurturing intimacy and pleasure, expanding your capacity for genuine connections and vibrancy.


Connect authentically, both within yourself and with others, embracing inspiration to articulate your unique path, express your authenticity, and invite holistic wellness into your life.

Hello Loved One,

I'm Nadya Hya...

A researcher of life, exploring a holistic path centered on embracing life through profound acceptance and dedication. My exploration intertwines spirituality and sensuality, delving into direct bodily, sensory, and emotional experiences to uncover the divine nature within. Within my sessions, I discover how love and presence act as guiding forces, releasing stagnant energy and unlocking the inner joy of individuals.

My vision extends toward empowering individuals to break free from the confines of their stories, facilitating a life where pain and pleasure coexist harmoniously, unveiling your inherent value and potential. 

My heart mission is guiding you to embrace your inherent gifts, helping them release themselves from the grip of their narratives, and discovering an abundant and fulfilling existence through somatic healing and the mind-body connection.




It is a powerful therapeutic modality that combines various approaches to promote healing and well-being by addressing the body-mind connection.


Pantarei Approach


The approach takes inspiration from the Greek Phase “Panta rhei ” which means everything flows.


Tantric Elements


A holistic approach to harmonize your mind, body and spirit. A sacred space where energy work, massage and breath unite.


3 hours

370 euro


This can only be booked after a dearmouring session. 

Welcoming increased vital energy flow, embracing sexual energy as a healing power.  

Focuses more on: Tantra Elements, Yoni/Lingam Dearmouring, sexual energy



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