It is an inner journey through the gateway of your heart,
Stripping away the layers that no longer support your growth.


Let us connect, explore boundaries and understand consent. Dive into a journey of self discovery – and RE- membering – tuning into your body whispers, whether its it’s untangling old stories or forging a deeper connection with your soul.


Step into a space of self-acceptance, where we embrace every facet of your being without judgment. It’s a journey of acknowledging and integrating your complexities, allowing parts of you to find solace and belonging. Together, we navigate through the layers, fostering a compassionate relationship with yourself, welcoming and honoring all that you are.


Grant yourself permission to fully embrace life’s energy and the profound link between pleasure and sekhem. It’s not about seeking; it’s about embracing the unknown. Experience a ceremonial touch with blue lotus or cacao to unite with our heart’s deepest desires. Let’s celebrate and honour your body in a space of reverence.

It includes:

  • Kemetic Deities introduction

  • Constructive talk

  • Consent / Boundaries games

  • Massage 

  • Body dearmouring

  • Yoni + Lingam dearmouring (when seen necessary)

  • before/after shower

  • time for integration

It includes:

  • Blue lotus from Egypt or Kakao ritual

  • Sensational exploration

  • Full body – flow massage

  • Ritual of devotional touch

  • Yoni massage/ Lingam massage

  • Sacred Spot 

  • Before/after shower

  • Time for integration

More Benefits:

Relax and release stress

Boost blood circulation

Find inner calmness as tension melts away

Enjoy muscle relaxation

& gain new energy and revitalise your spirit

Enhance self awareness and balance

& Connect to your sensations with sound, smell and taste.

The Forces of nature thats lies within us - teach to experience, include, embrace and manifest this self-healing and universal Life force energy called Sekhem among the mind, body and soul.

What is Blue Lotus?



The blue lotus, scientifically known as Nymphaea caerulea, is a water lily that predominantly grows in Egypt. It is renowned for its striking blue or blue-purple flowers. The blue lotus holds cultural and historical significance, particularly in ancient Egyptian civilization, where it was associated with spiritual rituals, art, and symbolism.

the blue lotus symbolizes rebirth, transformation, and the cycle of life.




  •  Relaxation and stress reduction

  • Mood enhancement

  • Enhanced dream state

  • Aphrodisiac properties

  •  Anti – inflammatory effects

  • Antioxidant content

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